Zane Sr. Profile

Zane srZane P. Graham Sr.
1053 East San Bernardino Ave.
South Lake Tahoe, California 96150

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  I am a part of a family of twelve.  My elders taught Asian Healing arts within the family.  Worked and learned from many island folks who were involved in the martial arts.  The “Asian Culture and the Traditional Ways” are integral parts of me as a person today. Experienced in various Asian martial arts.  Today my focus is with Asian Restoration Therapy.  The method of “Seifukujitsu Healing” I apply is practical.  My goal is to address your issues, evaluate your ailments, and apply specialized Seifukujitsu techniques, sharing with you traditional self healing ways.
Married over 35 years. Blessed with 4 children. Tanya, Crystal, Zane Jr. and Gary.  Relocated 1980 to South Lake Tahoe, California. Established the Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Jiujitsu of Lake Tahoe, Ca. dojo.  “Sons Of Tahoe Seifukujitsu” (1980) / Educator of AJI – Okazaki Restorative Therapy.

1980 – PRESENT
Established “Sons Of Tahoe”- Seifukujistu / Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Jiujitsu of Lake Tahoe Dojo
Organized  “Camp Kokua”
Objective of this function “CAMP KOKUA” is to share the Asian Islands styles healing arts from various cultural background. Gathering of the Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Jiujitsu Yudansha
South Lake Tahoe, Ca. (1993) Host Z. Graham
South Lake Tahoe (1995) Host Z. Graham/S. Kezich
Lake Topaz, NV. (1997)  Host S. Budnik
Creswell, Oregon (1999) Host R. Gibbs / R. Suttles
South Lake Tahoe, Ca. (2002) Host by S. Kezich / W. Johnson
Waianae, Oahu, Hi. (2004) Host by D. Saragosa
So. Lake Tahoe, Ca. (2006) Host by Zane & Deb Graham
Buena Park, Ca. (2008) Host C. Gallegos
Carson City, Nv.(2011) Host M.Ramsey/ D. Ramsey
Anchorage, Alaska (2013) Host T. Adlawan / S. Adlawan
Portola, Ca. (2015) Host K. Eddy / K.  Turek

Waianae High School
University of Hawaii  –  Anthropology (Hawaiian Culture) –  Oceanography (Hawaii Pacific Ocean)
Certified NAUI Underwater Scuba instructor 1974.
Staff member Bishop Museum, Hawaii-Restoration Project of the Iolani Palace
Asian Martial Art instructor, University of Hawaii, 1973.
Head Coordinator / Self Defense Instructor, Lake Tahoe Community College, 1985-1999
Established “Beginning/Intermediate/Women Self-defense” courses.
Baptized Jehovah Witness 2000.
“Full Time Therapist”  Sons Of Tahoe-Seifukujitsu (Asian Island Restorative Healing Arts)